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What We Do

TBR Unlimited LLC’s mission is not only to provide Original Content, but "Quality" content that will go on to become "World Mega-Brands". By utilizing our award winning professional creative team to stay on top of new standards and trends being set by today's youth, TBR UNLIMITED LLC, with each brand that it creates will install components that allow multiple revenue streams to be generated.

TBR Unlimited LLC will be the go-to company for Original Content that has all the brand components installed to make it attractive in the licensing world. Our brands will also be enriched with subliminal education, values & morals at the same time still give kids that kooky fun that draws them in. The benefits of creating original content, allows TBR UNLIMITED LLC to control all the rights of the brand.

Our Company

Our vision is to be a competitive animation development force in today’s and future visual arts entertainment industry, providing great character designs while utilizing traditional animation.

Our Vision

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