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TBR Universal Art


Cornbread feat. Brand Nubian & Sirius

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TBR Unlimited LLC as a Content Creative Company (C3) provider will not only provide these services to its clients and distributors, but it's "Quality over Quantity" practice ensures that each & every single property that comes from TBR Unlimited LLC and associate companies will be instilled with them. As the markets tends to change from year to year and technology continues to grow, TBR Unlimited  LLC, in order to stay competitive will not only lead the industry by setting new standards, but will constantly create and set new trends.

Animated Characters, Music Video, & More

3D Characters

Realistic and Stylized charaters

3D characters made to order for your project. Rigged with blend shapes ready to import into your software of choice.

3D/2D Animated Videos

Explainer videos - Music Videos - Website/App/Social Media Content

3D/2D animation that can be used in music videos ,video games , mobile games ,apps ,explainer videos 

and more.

Motion Capture 

Custom Mocap animations full body ,hands and face catered to your project.

With the use of motion capture we are able to speed up the animation and production process with better quality. 

About us

Keys to successes for TBR Unlimited  LLC will include, but not limited to:


  • Create quality Brands with extensive licensing components installed in them

  • A Seasoned, Veteran Writing & Design Team

  • Diligent work ethics with the use of state-of-the-art technology

  • Out of the box creativity


We believe that we can minimize certain risk factors by:


  • Initial capitalization of the company to sustain operations for 60 months

  • Low overhead through the use of multi-skilled employees and continual training

  • Aggressive Marketing

Work with us

Bring your talent to TBR

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The Adventures of

Torch & Natt

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